One-to-one online learning

Online one-to-ones

Do you need to crack the basics of Facebook & Instagram ads or do you need help setting up or fixing a campaign you’re running?

For just a little time on Zoom with me we’ll get to the bottom of your Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok ads headscratcher!

How does it work?

  • Contact me with a brief outline of your issue and to book your time slot
  • We’ll run the session over Zoom where we’ll screen share
  • During this hour I’ll help you with your social media problem
  • The call is recorded and emailed to you.

It’s a win-win – I feel warm and fuzzy for helping you and you get to use social media ads to build your business yourself.

How much does it cost?

The Social Media Ads 1-to-1 is £197pp for 1 hour of coaching online.

You also get the recording of our session and any notes that may be taken.

One-to-one Package

For more in-depth learning, a One-to-one Package includes 3 hours of online tuition that you can take over a number of days. This gives us more time to work through your ads conundrum and is totally bespoke to your business.

How does it work?

Contact me explaining your issue and to request your first time slot

  • We’ll run 3 separate sessions over Zoom where we’ll screen share to work through the topic
  • I’ll need access your ad account to help more efficiently
  • All calls are recorded and emailed to you for future reference.


The outcome – your problem is solved and you can move on with your Facebook/Instagram or TikTok efforts! Hurray!

How much does Boosted cost?

Paid Social Media Ads support – £549pp for 3 sessions of 1-hour of coaching online.

You also get the recordings of our sessions and any accompanying worksheets that may be used.