The Full Works

Let me run your Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns as though they were my own.

A monthly service where your ads campaigns will be set-up, run and optimised for your business, for the long-term.

Are your Facebook & Instagram ads increasingly difficult to manage?

The usual way your campaigns are done isn’t performing as it used to.

Not just that, things keep changing on the platform and it’s hard to keep up!

Your monthly ads budget should be riding the wave of these ads’ amazing potential – but right now, things are bit… meh.

Hand it over to someone who enjoys ads!

Just imagine stress-free ads that hit your business objectives.

Scalable campaigns so you grow more and feel happy spending that budget!

Someone reliable to just sort it all out for you, so you don’t need to.

That’s why I created The Full Works, so that business owners like you can relax knowing that an expert is planning and running your Facebook & Instagram ads for you.

Why The Full Works is a great decision


Confidence that your tech set-up and connected platforms are running smoothly. Saving wasted time and budget.


Clear KPIs and sales funnels to set you on the path to campaign success.


No need to worry about doing the campaign creation yourself – I’ll take care of everything.


No going off gut feelings, I make data-led decisions for your campaign to work its best.

The Full Works’ 5-stage framework to help you succeed

The Full Works framework in more detail

STEP 1: Good Foundations

The world of data privacy is always changing, so it’s vital to be on the ball to keep your campaigns running efficiently.

Without proper set-up of your Facebook / Instagram business accounts and any connected platforms, you’ll be flying blind and throwing away your budget.

So before I even start any campaign work, I’ll look at your account set-up and any integrations to ensure they are optimised.

STEP 2: Audience Audit

This is where I research your target audiences.

Knowing your customers is key to setting up a great campaign.

I’ll review your current audiences and build new ones – more people to target, the more potential result!

STEP 3: Success Roadmap

Having a clear path to follow takes away the doubt as to whether ads are working or not.

We’ll agree the KPIs to achieve a positive Return on AdSpend for you.

Using sales funnels will convert your audience from not knowing you, to liking you, to buying from you.

STEP 4: Create. Run. Test.

Your campaigns will be checked and optimised and any new ones you need, I’ll create and run.

It’s not just “one and done”, your campaigns will be checked and optimised by me so that they are getting the best KPIs for your budget.

Sometimes things go wrong – with regular monitoring and testing, your campaign will be front-and-centre of my mind and any campaign glitches will get sorted.

STEP 5: Insight & Action

Successful ad campaigns are as much about the data than the content.

No going off gut feelings, I make data-led decisions for your campaign to work its best.

you won’t be kept in the dark, I keep you up to date with results and next steps.

Each quarter we’ll look back at what has gone well and what hasn’t and tweak our approach in line with that insight and your upcoming business goals.

Sometimes things go wrong – with regular monitoring and testing, your campaign will be front-and-centre of my mind and any campaign glitches will get sorted.

Hi, I’m Kirsten

I’ve worked with many SMEs and nearly all of them have struggled with Facebook ads in the past. It causes them frustration and often they give up. But you can still get great results with the right budget and strategic approach.

With The Full Works, I can dedicate my knowledge and experience to make Facebook ads a reliable revenue source for your business and take away the stress that can come with it.

I trained with one of the leading global ads strategists in 2020 after a 20-year career in Marketing.

Your Investment

The Full Works is perfect for you if your Facebook & Instagram Ads budget is a minimum of £1,000 a month, as this tells me you’re serious about Facebook & Instagram ads being a core element of your marketing spend.

Your investment in The Full Works starts at just £750 a month, depending on your ad spend.

Finally you can work with an expert who understands the plusses and pitfalls that have plagued you since starting Facebook & Instagram ads.

This makes it a no-brainer investment!

How your investment is broken down

The minimum AdSpend to qualify for The Full Works is £1000pm (about £33 a day).

My fee increases incrementally in line with your budget, as the base fee + 10% of the difference.

This is so I can dedicate more time to using your budget for testing and optimising.

Let’s look at some examples.

Example 1

Minimum AdSpend = £1000 pm (this is about £30/day)


The Full Works base fee - £750 pm


Your Investment = £1750 pm

Example 2

Minimum AdSpend = £1500 pm (this is £50/day)


The Full Works base fee - £900 pm


Your Investment = £2730 pm

Some kind words…

Sadie Roberts

Founder, Patchworks UK

Kirsten is ace!
She's very easy to work with, knowledgable and enthusiastic.
We have better-performing social media and confidence that social is being managed properly.
Our paid ads are being overhauled and new channels are being planned.
And Kirsten's suggestions are always based on previous results.


Do you cover other social media ad platforms?

At the moment, The Full Works covers Facebook and Instagram ads. I can provide advice and training on other platforms such as TikTok in my 1-to-1 sessions. Click here to find out more.

What if my ads budget is less than £1000?

If you are unable to spend a MINIMUM of £1k a month then this service probably isn’t for you. You might find my 1-to-1s more useful. Please click here to find out more.

Why is The Full Works any different to other offerings from agencies?

I can give a more personalised experience as I only have a small number of clients on The Full Works plan and you know that I can be on hand more than larger agencies care able and with fewer overheads, my fees are affordable.

How does it all work? Will it take up much of my time?

Once we decide to work together, we’ll have a couple of initial calls so that I can understand your objectives and current situation. Allow the first 2 weeks or so for the Good Foundations and Audience Audit parts of The Full Works, as this is when I get under the bonnet of your social media marketing set-up and propose any changes that may need to happen.

We will work collaboratively so that you can be kept in the loop and make decisions, but most of the heavy lifting will be done by me.

I recommend we check-in once a week at first. This can reduce as your ad campaigns have got off the ground.

Can you guarantee results?

There’s no guarantee of instant profits – this is a build over time. What I can guarantee is that we will work together using The Full Works framework to improve your set-up, processes and have a results roadmap to work to.

How do I pay you?

Once we’ve talked about your campaign onboarding process, I can start to work on your account. Payment is upfront on commencement of work and monthly from then onwards.

Am I stuck in a long contract if I sign up?

There is a minimum 3 -month period to allow for set-up and to give Facebook/Instagram algorithm enough time to generate a campaign that will work long-term. I recommend we work together beyond that as that allows the campaigns to mature and scale.

What if I’m not happy with the results?

If the unlikely event that we cannot continue working together, there is a 1 month notice period to end the contract.

Ready to get started?

So, if you’re ready to make a long-term investment, with me planning and running your Facebook ads, with your business objectives at the heart of it all, then let’s have a no-obligation discovery call.

Click below to book a 15-minute slot, or if you prefer, click the other button to send me an email outlining your requirements and I’ll get back to you.